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In office training for the new hire or on the job trained Dental Assistant.

Smart Start for Success Chairside.

Julie Varney

Founder, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker

Julie Varney, CDA,RDA,COA, CDSO, CDSH is an active dental assistant from Syracuse, NY. With over 28 years of dental assisting chairside & dental assistant education as an instructor. Julie has many facets of the profession that she is experienced in. Julie is often focusing on unlocking hidden potential, while delivering positive change to dental assistants.  Inspiring while engaging dental assistants with simple solutions today for powerful results tomorrow in the areas of efficiency, organization, infection control and much more.

Julie will focus on building confidence, skills enchantment and organizing chaos with dental assistants. She’s on a mission to enhance each dental assistant's  career, by embracing their passion and bringing out the leaders within them.

Areas of Training:

*New Hire On Boarding 

*New Dental Assistant (no experience)

* OSHA Compliance

*Infection Control Prevention


*Inventory Management and Organization

*Dental Assistant Training Chairside Skills


In-Office Training 3-4 Days


Julie Dental Assistant Coach_edited.png

Do you have a new dental assistant hire?

Did you hire a Dental Assistant with no experience?

Often the new hire is thrown chairside with no streamlined on boarding process.  Reduce stress and increase chairside fluidity sooner. 

With Smart Start Training, the new dental assistant will be able to fit right seamlessly.

With a 3-4 Day in office or remote Smart Start Training,

the dental assistant will have all the success tools for chairside integration.  

What does Smart Start Training Include:

*Customized Dental Assistant Operations Manual 

*Learning your practices policy and procedures

*Learning dental terminology

*Learning  your clinical chairside procedures

*Learning infection control processes

* Much More

More  Dental Assistant professionals these days are actively pursuing advanced training for their careers. Whether you're on the giving or receiving end, these types of training can benefit your Dental Assistant career. A Dental Assistant Team training partnership can be rewarding to both people, personally and professionally. It's an opportunity to develop communication skills, expand your viewpoints, and consider new ways of approaching situations.  The Dental Assistant Team training can advance their careers in the process.

Julie's Training Philosophy:  " By momentum shifting the Dental Assistant Team's focus on what they do best with what they have, instead of what they don't have or they don't do well. Jules's non-conventional method of is creating training is fun, engaging and educating live lectures or programs based on each dental team's learning style (based on the VARK Model).

Through interactive training with live webinars, hands-on lectures, virtual from the op, one on one or in-office workshops for the dental team or dental individual, Julie can help them shift the momentum.


The end goal: Lead to Succeed in your Dental Assistant Team's career for longevity.


Help your Dental Team  develop the ability to motivate and encourage others. This can help the Dental Team become a better employees, and team members.


Help your Dental Team learn how to  speak the same language, develop their voice, improve listening and communicate  effectively more. 


The Dental Team can gain a fresh perspective on things and learn a new way of thinking – which can help in your practice life as well as their personal life.


 Refining your Dental Team's leadership skills can strengthen their on-the-job performance, helping you be more productive and profitable. 

Not sure what plan would fit your Dental Assistant Team or Individual, 

Let's talk. Contact me.

Training Opportunities for the Dental Assistant Team 

Virtual. Live. Interactive. One on One. Team.

Ways to Learn


Live Event Learning

Live events include: webinars, lecture in a city near you , one on one virtual or one on one in office. 

Quiet Desk

Pre-recorded Learning

Pre-Recorded include: Podcast and Live-Recorded Replays  

Support Groups

Mentoring Support

On-Demand Includes: Weekly connection support through email and phone calls. 

Areas of Learning

Dental Assistants Infection Control

Infection Control

Learn what's right, what's done wrong, how  to correct and make changes in your practice. 

Dental x-ray


Learn about importance, correct placement, errors-why they happen and how to correct, patient and operator safety.

Image by Michael Browning

Clinical Efficiency 

 Customized for clinical procedures , organization, communications or other chairside skills,  a customized career growth plan for you. 

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