Jules Varney

Founder, Mentor, Trainer, Speaker

Jules Varney, CDA,RDA,COA, FAADOM, CDSO, CDSH is an active dental assistant from Syracuse, NY. With over 28 years of dental assisting  & practice management experience, Jules has many facets of the profession that she is experienced in. Jules is often focusing on unlocking hidden potential, while delivering positive change to dental teams.  Inspiring while engaging dental teams with simple solutions today for powerful results tomorrow in the areas of efficiency, organization, infection control and much more.

Jules will focus on building confidence and organizing chaos with dental teams. She’s on a mission to enhance each dental team member's career, by embracing their passion and bringing out the leaders within them.

Areas of Training:

* OSHA Compliance

*Infection Control Prevention


*Inventory Management and Organization

*Dental Assistant Training Chairside Skills

*Front Office Training

Customizable: In-Office or Remote



Help your Dental Team  develop the ability to motivate and encourage others. This can help the Dental Team become a better employees, and team members.


Help your Dental Team learn how to  speak the same language, develop their voice, improve listening and communicate  effectively more. 


The Dental Team can gain a fresh perspective on things and learn a new way of thinking – which can help in your practice life as well as their personal life.


 Refining your Dental Team's leadership skills can strengthen their on-the-job performance, helping you be more productive and profitable. 

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