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About Mentorship Partnership Program:

Beyond the Assist


My Mentorship Mentality:

Julie Dental Assistant Mentor

Jules Varney, CDA, RDA

Mentoring is a personal development tool in which a Dental Assistant professional seeks the advice, counsel, education and support from an another Dental Assistant professional. Coaches, trainers, and consultants can all help you learn and grow professionally. Mentoring is a unique combination of all of these. This mentoring program is based on the relationship between two or more people in the Dental Assistant profession.  Starts with myself,  Jules the Mentor, taking on the role of teacher and the Dental Assistant(s)- the Mentee taking the role of student.

My Motivation Mentality:

Motivation is a major objective goal in Dental Assistant mentoring. This is not necessarily the case in Dental Assistant training. Myself as the Dental Assistant mentor is responsible for dispensing valuable lessons to the Dental Assistant(s) mentee. I am also expected to provide encouragement and support through relatable, engageable and educational materials.  As a trainer, on the other hand, I'm expected to deliver a content-based lesson as effectively as possible.  I have developed a cohesive mentor model to encompass a mentor mentality with a trainer foundation.  Thus, becoming a motivating force in the Dental Assistant(s) Menttees' lives for career longevity. 

What Does Dental Assistant Mentorship Program Include: 

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  • CE 

  • Customized Educational Plans 

  • Weekly Mentoring Sessions by Phone

  • Live & Interactive Learning 

  • Weekly Email Communications

  • Dental Assistant Operational Manual (download)

  • Infection Control Training

  • Cross Training Ladders

  • Skills Enhancements 

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