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Engaging. Relating. Educating.

Ronda Holman

For Assistants, By An Assistant.

Engaging. Relating. Educating.

About Ronda Holman, 

It was a crisp winter day in Central Virginia. The year was 1980 and you may remember it as the year Pac-Man was released but something else happened that year too! Ronda was born to do amazing, great, helpful things in her life. We will skip through the boring stuff and head into the goods like in 1999 Ronda joined the United States Airforce where she found her passion for dental assisting. Once she received her military training in the dental assisting field she was shipped off to North Carolina where she assisted in Oral Surgery, General Dentistry and eventually ended her 4 year service as a prophy tech (aka military’s version of a dental hygienist).

Of course there was a boy in this story that happened to sweep her off her feet and once she left the Air Force they married and spent the next 13 years traveling all over the country while he served in the Air Force until retirement. This is where Ronda’s experience gets good! Each time Ronda relocated she got the opportunity to work for new dental offices. With each new working environment she picked up pearls that have helped her become the leading expert in educating dental assistants to grow and evolve.

Ronda has always had a true passion for anything dental to include but not limited to: Immediate denture/partial fabrication, Cerec scanning technology and restoration design, Airway Warrior helping children and adults alike discovering and recovering from mouth breathing, Patient education and striving for optimal chairside care and skill’s needed to become the best possible assistant in the WORLD. Once Ronda locked down the keys to Dental Assisting success she took to the air waves to spread her passion to the masses. Ronda believes that every dental assistant has the potential to be a Rockstar assistant if given the right tools and guidance.


One last thing, Ronda believes in do good, get good and wants all assistants to ban together to help one another.


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