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Grow your role through learning with webinars, live training or virtual with CE .  

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Join a closed forum to meet others just like you.  Get support, share struggles, and celebrate wins. 


DA Rockstars weekly podcast will get your through the hump of the week. 


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Julie Varney

  • Jules Varney, CDA RDA

Founder, Speaker, and Mentor of Dental Assistants Rock

Ronda Holman

  • DA Rockstars Podcast

Founder, Podcast Guru of

DA Rockstars Podcast, Educator 

John, Theresa, Niki, Ericka,and Ronda

  • Dental Assistants Worldwide

Founders of 

Dental Assistants Worldwide 

A couple of years ago, I visited the Pro Football Hall of Fame. These core values resonated with me and how they align with the value of the Dental Assistant.  


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